The Voice

29th October 2022

The Voice

HVCCC is delighted to announce that we have been recognised as an exceptional place to work and the recipient of a Best Workplace Award for 2022 through the ‘Voice Project’ - our partner who administers our employee engagement survey.

The Voice Project’s core purpose is to improve organisations by giving people a voice. Their survey process helps capture the crucial information that informs better decisions and inspires greater ownership and engagement amongst staff. The Best Workplace Awards are presented to organisations that are dedicated to empowering their employees and giving them a voice.

At HVCCC we know it is in all our interests and it’s everyone’s job to nurture an environment where we continually improve our day-to-day experiences at work. Being recognised as an exceptional place to work involves connection to our shared purpose and values, and to the importance of our work. Our work is challenging and, together, we are really good at it! Thank you to the whole HVCCC team for creating a positive, supportive and progressive workplace!

Encouraging our staff to grow as professionals is one of our top priorities at HVCCC and will continue to be well into the future.