Member experience heightens understanding

Prior to visitor restrictions onsite, a couple of our teams were able to get out of the office, collaborate and learn from our Members.

Some of the Service Delivery team visited Port Waratah to continue to learn about their operations. Thanks to Craig Allen, Port Waratah Logistics Superintendent climbing aboard an operating reclaimer and a ship loader were a couple of the highlights. A particular learning to come out of the day was that Port Waratah is one of the very few terminals around the world that has the ability to blend coal to meet a particular customer's requirements, and this is able to be done with the unique way they stack to the stockpiles with every train that was discharged. Another reason for putting the HVCC on the global map.

We also had the opportunity for some of the HVCCC and Port of Newcastle teams to have focussed time. Analysts and Business Intelligence Specialists from both businesses took the opportunity to learn more about applying business intelligence methodologies and best practices with similar stakeholders, whilst looking for different insights.

Understanding and the alignment in approach to Business Intelligence was highly valuable and time well spent. It was great to make industry connections with people of like-minded interests. Data, analysis and reporting chats were a hot topic of the day.