CEO Quarterly Update

As is always prudent during challenges, HVCCC remained true to our company Objects to plan and coordinate the cooperative alignment of the coal chain to maximise the volume of coal transported at minimum total logistics cost in accordance with collective needs of our Members. This we did.

While sustaining business-as-usual outputs, we updated HVCCC's strategy to leverage the substantial improvements in systems and processes over recent years. HVCCC will continue optimising the interdependencies of the coal chain assets to achieve even greater efficiency yet with flexibility. That is much harder than it seems, but HVCCC must work to achieve 'efficient agility'.

Focus areas for 2022 include targeted enhancements to our planning and scheduling processes, greater systems integration with Members, and leveraging information to provide data-driven coal chain optimisation, for example in the Train and Outbound Strategies.

Underpinning our Member-facing deliverables, HVCCC will ensure we remain sustainable and resilient by developing our culture, employee value proposition and capability, and our internal systems. We are already busy on 2022! Before I look too far ahead, I want to express my pride in the contribution that the HVCCC team made to our community this year, which includes supporting The Cancer Council, Variety the Children's Charity NSW & ACT, Aussie Ark, Jenny's Place, The Seafarers, Vinnies, Mark Hughes Foundation, Headspace, Lifeline, Soul Café, The Kaden Centre and The Leukaemia Foundation. Our employees who lead our fundraising efforts generate much needed funds and provide fun and awareness of what differences we can make to improve the lives of others.

The past two years challenged society to be resilient through uncertainty, so the HVCCC team introduced a wellbeing program called The Resilience Project. Our team members hosted weekly whole-of-business meetings, helping us get to know each other and develop tools to improve our resilience by practicing Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness. These attributes are important for the workplace, and they equip us for improved outcomes in life.