About us

Our Purpose

To lead collaboration and innovate for the best imaginable supply chain

HVCCC brings unprecedented skill, unity, efficiency and certainty to the Hunter Valley coal chain.

Run by local industry participants, HVCCC plans for reliable and efficient coal exports from Newcastle over the short, medium and long term.

We add value for coal chain participants – our customers – by continually finding more efficient ways to export coal.

We oversee the world’s biggest coal export operation, a linchpin of Australia’s economic prosperity. About 95 percent of extracted Hunter Valley coal - 120 types of high-quality low-ash thermal coal and steaming coal - is exported from Newcastle, primarily to Southeast Asia. The value of these exports over the past ten years exceeds $100 billion.

Our utilisation of technology and state-of-the art modelling is behind our efficiency drives. Our day-to-day monitoring brings operational resilience, enabling unforeseen events such as bad weather and unplanned outages to be worked around. Regular maintenance outages are planned to minimise throughput disruptions. Our long-term modelling and planning guides investment decisions for ten years ahead and beyond.

Our Vision

We enable all customers to maximise their value from the shared infrastructure of the Hunter Valley Coal Chain.

Under our guidance the Hunter Valley coal chain’s reputation has soared, seeing us enjoy a reputation as reliable and internationally competitive. We have become a global benchmark of supply chain management.

To appreciate HVCCC now, it’s important to appreciate where it has come from.

From the year 2000 demand for Hunter Valley coal increased rapidly, due to booming growth in Southeast Asia. This demand stretched the local industry to its limits. With inadequate infrastructure limiting the ability of arriving export vessels to be loaded in a timely manner, the vessel queue off Newcastle peaked above 80 in June 2007 (at the same time of the infamous ‘Pasha Bulker’ storm). Demurrage costs were crippling. Our reputation as a reliable supplier was affected.

In an endeavour to have better coordination between train, track and terminal provision and activity, the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Planning Group (HVCCPG) - the forerunner of the HVCCC - was formed in 2003.

In 2009 the whole Hunter Valley coal industry united to devise a new approach to exporting coal, underpinned by tighter contractual arrangements between producers and service providers, with a view to ensuring the delivery of new infrastructure at the right times and places. The consensus was that this new approach had to be for the benefit of the whole industry.

It was recognised that the HVCCC had a critical ‘helicopter’ role in terms of not only centralised day-to-day coordination but longer-term investment guidance and expansion planning.

Recognised as a cooperative of coal chain service providers and producers to consider the interests of the coal chain as a whole, HVCCC was incorporated in August 2009 as a public company limited by guarantee. All eligible producers and service providers joined as members and all nominated a director to the HVCCC Board.